WASP Hair Extensions

Wasp Hair is an innovative 100% Australian owned company backed by Australia’s award winning creative team. WASP has an exciting range of products with what is believed to be the largest range of human hair products in Australia. Beginning in 2005 the team leaders have a minimum of 20 years experience in the hair industry and have proudly developed a product scientifically designed with the latest technology referred to as PBS.

Quality Hair.

Remy hair is defined by ensuring cuticles strands are laying in the same direction. This ensures hair extensions remain tangle free and are more manageable. You may notice that WASP hair is certified, this process involves the strands to be tested at random to ensure the quality.

Where does the hair come from?

As you may already know, when we speak of European hair, it is referred to as European Quality hair; this signifies the hair extensions are designed for European or western clients. 
European and Australian women do not grow and donate their hair, as the growth is far too slow and demand for long hair is excessive. 
Hair is graded into different categories: Remy and A grade is the most luxurious. This is what WASP use.
European quality hair is hair that is harvested from suitable candidates: 
A candidate: must have hair of a certain fine standard (not coarse and thick) this is the most popular. 
A candidate would usually be of Indian or Chinese descent. The hair must be virgin unprocessed hair of the finest quality.

Quik Extends

Are an extremely versatile system that offers instant length volume and or colour. Being a clip in extension system, Quik Extends offers flexibility that you do not get from other permanent systems.

Deluxe boxes contain 4 medium pieces (14cm wide) and 2 single pieces (3cm wide).

Wasp Quik Extends are available in 25 colours and 4 legnths:

12’’ Deluxe Box – $240

16” Deluxe Box – $296

18” Deluxe Box – $316

22” Deluxe Box – $360

WASP Quik Extends Colour Wheel: